Message To The People...

As President-General and the 9th successor to our founder, the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, I am honored and humbled to share this renewed website with you. We call on all Africans... those at home and those abroad... to join us as we continue this great 98-year legacy. Building this 21st century government is no easy task, however we can, we must, we will, for the future of our children and those to follow depend on it.

Today our Race is in need of practical solutions to our many problems around the world. Self-Determination and Self-Reliance are the cornerstones to the development of the 21st Century for the African Race. Africa is the richest continent
in the world... with its many earthly resources. Today we have Africans and those of African descent scattered all over the world.

The UNIA-ACL is working to bring us closer together, despite the waters between us on all seven continents. We are interfacing and unifying with many other progressive Race First movements, institutions, businesses and organizations around the world to form practical unity without uniformity. We all have far to much in common and so few minor differences...we can't afford not to work collectively and cooperatively together as one people. Those yielding power in this world shall only concede to those with power, therefore it is critical that we increase our numbers. Marcus Garvey and the 20th century UNIA-ACL organizers knew this and now is the time for us to emulate this to the fullest. We must also utilize modern technological science and focus on building sustainable energy development, using solar energy, wind, and water purification methods the world over. Our Mother earth has been abused far to long due to greed and the ignorance of mankind. Therefore a more positive environmentally friendly direction must remain foremost on our 21st century agenda. We encourage all to grow their own organic foods and stay away from cross-breed dangerous foods. Support Black farmers and Buy Black as often as possible.

The UNIA-ACL now needs you to join with us as we carry on the mandates of this current administration to do your part. We shall continue to honor the works, words and deeds of our ancestors. We are committed to restructure the UNIA-ACL for the 21st century, utilize our own creative genius and maintain the utmost integrity in serving Africans... those at home and those abroad. We have withstood attacks from without and within, learned from our own mismanagement and survived the apathy of our race thru the 20th century up to today. Now we must advance even further than where we are and we have lots of work to do. Far too many of our own children are still crying and dying all over the world and there is a need for a solid United States of Africa as Garvey and Nkrumah sacrificed and committed their lives for. Africa Unite for Africa is for Africans... those at home and those abroad. Up You Mighty Race We Can Accomplish What We Will!

One God, One Aim, One Destiny!
Honorable Senghor Jawara Baye