African Ancestral Redemption Collaborative (AARC)

Vision Statement

The African Ancestral Redemption Collaborative (hereinafter referred to as AARC) is an extension of the International Expatriate Movement (hereinafter referred to as the I.E.M.)
AARC is the collaborative efforts of several entities....all whom acknowledge the powers of
the Ancestors.

The I.E.M., working with other individuals, groups and organizations, will create a global movement whose purpose is to establish  a dual ciitizenship program between the various governments on the African continent and those of African descent who now live mostly in the western hemisphere as a result of the atlantic slave trade.

I.E.M. is an entity directly under the jurisdiction of the Government of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). The AARC consists of separately organized entities which together function as a support body for the UNIA-ACL.

Together the I.E.M. and AARC will provide a legal and spiritual reconnection with Africans at home and abroad that has not been seen since the slave trade began hundreds of years ago. The negative aspects of the slavery and post slavery era still haunt us just as much today as it did when physical slavery ended in the western hemisphere. Most notably – the negative aspects are apparent legally and spiritually. The cultural, economic and political aspects are well known and documented, but we shy away from looking at the legal impact or spiritual significance of our ongoing subjugation and oppression.

It is our goal that by August 2012, the dual citizenship program will be in full effect with several governments in Africa. At this time and under this program, formal, legal and political agreements will be established with the Government of the UNIA-ACL to recognize our citizens as citizens of their governments. We simply seek to embrace the same rights and benefits as other peoples of the world, and so, by this same time, hundreds if not thousands of people, will also be enrolled in this program.


The barriers of misinformation and stereotyping that have existed between African at home and those Africans abroad will then be broken down. Between us a new and better understanding will emerge, and those born and raised outside of Africa will gain a greater appreciation of who we are as Africans, and how we can become more empowered as Africans – in the Diaspora.

This newly empowered global relationship will allow AARC to be at the vanguard of a spiritual African Redemption that will translate into a power base to be used to help strengthen the Motherland and break the stranglehold which threatens the future of Africa. Keep in mind that Africa has always been the center of the world. Mother Earth is threatening to destroy us if we don't change our ways...and we need to see that the healing and unification of Africans will also have a global impact which will also represent the future salvation of not only Africa but the 
planet itself.

The African Ancestral Redemption Collaborative is comprised of ...
•  African Diaspora Ancestral Commemoration Institute (ADACI)
•  International Expatriate Movement (I.E.M.)
•  The Ancestral Healing Institute (TAHI) 

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