Faruq Master

Legal Defense Committee

For more than a decade the Nationalist and Pan Africanist movement has been all but dormant with regards to advancing any call in this direction. Oh yes, there has been much talk still about who is and who is not a Nationalist/Pan Africanist but I for one have not seen, and certainly have not felt anything tangible being done about repatriation and our rights to self-determination.

True a great deal of work is being done around reparations, but I won’t be satisfied being just another “nigger with money” and no true freedom. I say it’s time for our people to come out of legal slavery. I say it’s time to put Nationalism and Pan Africanism BLACK on the front burner where it belongs.

Well, I say to you that it is a huge pleasure of mine to be able to inform you that the UNIA-ACL has a legal program that will allow us to come out of legal slavery. It is also with great pride that I announce that the UNIA-ACL has the means to put Nationalism and Pan Africanism as a paramount force to be reckoned with. The UNIA-ACL has that program that will take us well into the 21st Century as we should be.

Only now are the masses of our people waking up to the fact that the Honorable Marcus Garvey and the UNIA-ACL operated a Global Interim Government for almost a decade more than 80 years ago!! At no time before or after this period has any other Black person been able to accomplish such a massive feat as having a Global Black Government...and guesswhat, that exact same legacy remains with us and for us even today. Under the direction and leadership of our former President General, the Honorable Redman Battle, I have been commissioned to restore this awesome legacy and to put it into a contemporary format so that our future generations can have a true and viable alternative to the legal slavery that wenow subsist under.

In order to undertake this gigantic mission I have created the Legal Defense Committee which will be composed of person s with any and all degrees of legal and research skills – people who specialize in fundraising, administrative and organizational abilities. A formal Call To Legal Arms has been made and a New movement will take place where-in “legal people” will be at the vanguard. Not one person here or there, and not a small law office but a Legal Army will be built to provide that protection on a local, national and international level that the Nationalist and Pan Africanist movement has never seen.

Even as I write this, the blood sucking enemies and exploiters of our people still have their bloody fangs into the neck of the UNIA-ACL, stealing or trying to water down the legal legacy left for us to maintain and develop our full and complete freedom – and I have pledged everything I have to put an end to this evil. Never before in the history of Nationalism and Pan Africanism has there ever been a Legal Army to protect our struggles towards restoring our legal right to Self- Determination. That time is now Seriously Overdue.

Everything about a Legal Right to Self-Determination is based upon, what else, the law?! The community activist, the politician, the minister, and even the students, have been at the forefront of the struggle. It’s time to put 300 lawyers at the vanguard and see what happens. Law along with cooperative economics gives the restoration and contemporary application of what was left to us an invincible armor for Self-Determination. We are talking about a New law, a BLACK law...a date and time in the very near future. Forget the BAR. Set up your own law practice as our people will need legal workers of all kinds.

Yeah, I’ve heard. Some of you are worried about your mortgages, school loans, and retirement programs. An excellent reason why we need to enjoin our youth to get involved now. Our government, OUR story needs to be taught in every Black classroom in the world. This was a Global movement established in over 40 countries, so think International Black Law. Then you can also see career and business opportunities that could cause an economic shift on a global scale.

I call upon those who still believe in the ten point program of “What the Muslims Want” that was established by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and published on the back page of every Muhammad Speaks and Final Call newspaper. We have the means to put some legal bite into this program. I call upon those followers of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Republic of New Africa, the Black Lawyers for Justice, the New and Old Black Panther Party to unite with the legacy that gave birth to you all and whose legacy has remained unbroken (although very dormant) for much too long now. I also plead with the traditional African Spiritual Houses and all Spiritual Nationalist/Pan Africanist, to also share the vanguard of this movement along with our
Legal Army as unless we put God at the head of this effort we cannot be successful.

Chapters of the Legal Defense Committee have already been formed.

~ Faruq Muhammad