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As the Administrator of the Universal Black Cross Nurses, I am pleased to announce that we are reorganizing the UNIA-ACL Universal Black Cross Nurses Association in the usa and in Africa. Every Division will reactiva group or organization that is working in the best interest of our mission.

Central America... We have reconnected with the only active Division of the historical Black Cross Nurses... located in Belize, Central America. The Black Cross Nurses in Central America have never stopped carrying out the great works and activities of the UNIA-ACL. They are still using the same guidelines of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA-ACL from the1920's.

We are working for the cause of Africans across the globe. As you know, the health and economic conditions that we are faced with – at home and aboard – will require a more active and progressive approach to the work. We are calling on caring, committed Africans from a global prospective, to help with the social, economical and mental wellness of our people. As we reestablish this meaningful and well needed service for the 21st Century and beyond, I am asking for your support...

One of the major questions asked; Do you have to be a nurse to be a part of the Black Cross Nurses? NO. Although we do have doctors’ and nurses’ support, you do not have to be a nurse to be a part of the UBCNA and help with the health and wellness of the Negro Peoples of the world.

What you do have to be is patient and conscious of the collective work that's needed for change. We are looking for volunteers who are hard working, dependable, resourceful and ready to help educate, nurture, organize, protect and redirect our African communities towards nationhood. I am aware that this will take some strong preparation and organizing. I have great faith in the support of the people and the leadership in each one of our Division Presidents and members to help with the work in their areas.

Sankofa...Let the healing begin... The BCNA i developing different departments to help us carry out the work as progressively and professionally as possible, to help meet the many, many challenges that we are faced with as a people.

As the 4th Assistant-President General to the Government of the UNIA-ACL, and the Administrator of the Universal Black Cross Nurses Association, I am truly honored to serve. I greet you with a strong and uncompromising dedication, to assist in the 21st Century with the work that is needed to continue building the great Government of the historical Universal Negro Improvement Association & African Communities Leagues.

I am honored to walk along with such great leadership, and to carry on in the service of liberty and progress of our people. As the highest ranking female officer of the 21st Century UNIA-ACL, I study the great works of the women leadership as it has enlightened me in such a wonderful way. I have perused their work in order to serve with a more effective knowledge of their path. Truly their experiences have helped me to work more humbly towards our victory.

In the spirit of our courageous leadership of the 21st century, the Honorable Senghor Jawara Baye, who is the 9th successor to the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and the 10th President-General, I work to serve, and serve to strengthen this great legacy of our great ancestors. We have a mighty and tremendous task ahead so we must work hard now... work smart for the future of our children's children, and for those yet come.

We are moving through a new era in our struggle... working towards a greater sense of our Legacy, Life, Work, Unity, Love and Dedication for our Total Liberation. We have dedicated leadership in our Government and the uniqueness of this Parent Body is that we are all committed to One God, One Aim, and One Destiny. As officials, we have a working relationship with all UNIA-ACL Divisional leadership, members and supporters, in order to continue to carry out the work of the (Most Powerful Black Organization of All Times) government of the Negro peoples of the world – the UNIA-ACL.

UBCNA’s Mission is to start the healing, to help improve the health and wellness of the Afrikan community with strong emphasis on wholistic health, preventive care and alternative living. Our goal is to collectively work to make it possible to create the conditions for the healing to begin. So, as we heal we will regain consciousness of our inner ability to heal the nation and meet the spiritual, mental, and physical challenges of the race. Whereas we accept the principle responsibility of Ma'at and its spiritual development as a daily way of life.

We are at the age of civilization where we must take care of ourselves. The UBCNA will provide and help with the physical, emotional, psychological and social care to members of our race. We will also provide health care, observation, teaching and rehabilitation in areas where we can help.

Administrator... As the designated official and Administrator of the UBCNA it is my commitment and obligation to develop and maintain a comprehensive program that serves as the agenda of UBCNA. We will use the Constitution to help structure and implement policies and procedures to serve as the guidelines of the UBCNA of the 21st Century. We will also use the Minister of Education guidelines to help with structure.

The UBCNA has developed nine (9) different departments to help us carry out the work as progressively and professionally as possible to help meet the many, many challenges that we are faced with as a people. Each Department will operate through the instructions of the Administrator of the UBCNA.

Black Cross Nurses Association Programs... All UBCNA Administration and Departments stand on the Constitution, and are accountable to the Government of the UNIA-ACL. These are the departments that have been developed under the UBCNA Administration.
• Administrator Assistance
• Wholistic Health Care
• Global Health & Wellness
• Fund Raiser Department
• Prison Industrial Complex
• Health Education
• Social Service Department
• Nursing Facilities
• OutReach Department
• Activity Department
• Transportation Department
• UBCNA Assistance
• Administrator Assistance Secretary
• Technical Assistance

Department Accountability... Each department is organized to carry out the necessary work that is needed to be effective with our mission and goals... This department will be responsible for assisting the Administrator with the developmental and operational work of the UBCNA in each Division. The (AAD) will be operating as the motivating bond between the UBCNA administration, the appointed department head and the Division leadership. Wewill work to define and promote the need to restore and maintain a healthier wholistic life.

Global Health & Wellness Department... This department is committed to the highest standard under the UBCNA. This unit is dedicated to self-reliance and self-determination; it is based on Afrikan Spirituality (the inner divine will for change) for total wellness, for a greater future. The area of health, service and information will be of Our Elders Transferring Wisdom to help our 21st century Spiritual Warrior Healers who are willing to carry on the brilliant work of our elders, as great natural healers. We will organize independent Afrikan groups of local, national and international natural healers, composed of inter-community members from around the world.
Field of Concentration
• Wholistic Health Healing
• Health Care Educational Sessions
• Alternative Medicine
• Natural Care Classes
• Natural Child-Birth
• Thy Self Development
• Monthly Healing Workshops
• Health Screening
• Food Co-Op
• Information

FundRaiser Department... This departments primary purpose is to raise money for the operation and advancement of the UBCNA. We will create and coordinate different fundraising events bi-monthly, with the exception of our ongoing fundraisers that will allow us to generate resources throughout the year. Our general funds shall derive from such sources as annual membership drives, dues and sustaining membership dues. Also from generous annual contributions given for several purposes from members or other individuals, and profits of sales of supplies and materials of all kind.
• Sponsors
• Donations
• Garvey's Voice
• Raffles
• Annual Banquet
• Bake Sales
• Bi-Monthly Dinners
• Sell Logo Items
• Vending

Prison Industrial Complex Department... The usa is the prison capital of the world, accounting for more than 2.5 million African people (Negroes) incarcerated today. The prison industrial complex is composed of private owners, whose object is simply to make a profit.

Today the numbers of women and children incarcerated has increased tremendously, and this has caused the destruction of the family further. This department will work to support and defend the rights of the inmates and help to support their families where we can. We will work to decrease the number of Africans going into prison. We will become more hands on around the 21st Century development of prison issues. We will work to be a voice for the voiceless and to support their rights. We will visit the inmates, and review the health issues that are being ignored and dominated by the government. We must continue to encourage the family to be involved in the process of the inmate’s life in prison and in their return back into the community.
Fields of Concentration:
• Advocate
• Visitations
• Educational Issues
• Health Issues
• Family
• Basic Needs
• Rights & Proper Treatment
• Resource Guide
• Information

Health Education Department... This department will have the responsibility to educate and inform the people concerning health & safety issues, and offerfirst aid and medical training. Our program will be designed to conduct and evaluate activities that will help improve the health, safety and survivalpreparedness of Afrikan people.

We will collaborate with health educators, trainers and community organizers to help manage health programs. We will research to make sure that we are up on current health issues such as personal, social, world news, and current health education issues. We will conduct the BCN health education program in settings such as schools, community affairs, health care facilities, homes, businesses, colleges and others.
Fields of Concentration:
• Survival Training Course
• First Aid Training
• In home Health Care
• Child-Birth
• Alternative Medicine
• Safety and Prevention of Epidemics
• Life Skills Training
• Medical Training
• Preparing for Emergencies
• Information

Social Service Department... Social work has always been a part of the Afrikan Tradition. This department will work to address and resolve social issues among the sick and needy. We will enhance the quality of life for Africans and to help develop the full potential of the race. We are committed to social justice, for it will improve the human condition and make more positive aggressive changes towards a collective African society. As one of the long term attainable goals under this administration, we will develop UNIA-ACL Nursing Homes. It is essential to dedicate the first one to those elders who have devoted their lives to the development and liberation of Afrikan people.
Fields of Concentration:
• Advocate for Youth & Adults
• Visit the Shut In
• Cooking Classes
• Sewing Classes
• Shelter Operation
• Family Connection
• Child-Care Classes
• Drugs & Alcoho
l• Parenting Classes
• Business Networking
• Housing Referrals
• Information

Outreach Department... will focus on a system of information, relief and supplies for those in need.
Fields of Concentration:
• Medical Supplies
• Educational Supplies
• Food Drive
• WorkShops
• Clothing Drive
• Shelters, Schools, Recreation Centers
• Monthly Feed the People Day
• Participate in Community Affairs
• Bi-Annual Health Fair
• BCNA Educational Information

Activity Department
Here are some suggestions of dates to remember
• January – Noble Drew Ali Day
• February – Black History Month • Saviors’ Day
• May – Mother’s Day • Tea Party
• June – Father’s Day Breakfast • Membership
Drive Ancestral Day • Rites of Passage
• July – Youth Day • Elder’s Day
• August – Marcus Garvey Day Celebration • UNIA Annual International Convention
• September – Million Youth March
• October – Back to School Party • Million Man March • Million Woman March
• November – December – Kwanzaa Celebration
• December – Annual Food Baskets (20th Century Historical Marches)
• Million Youth – September 5
• Million Man – October 16
• Million Woman – October 25
I deeply appreciate your cooperation and dedication, and look forward to working together. As we work together to reinstate the Black Cross Nursing Association (BCNA) in every Division throughout our communities across the world, your ideas and concerns are welcomed and appreciated.

The BCNA is developing different departments to help us carry out the work as progressively and professionally as possible to help meet the many,
many challenges that we face as a people.

I am giving you a plan of action for the BCNA; the different departments include work to be outlined. If you have any suggestions, please send me those ideas as soon as possible.

We must start with the development of divisional hospitality and create an acknowledgment list. This List is the hospitality list of UNIA members & community supporters that are sick, birthdays, new births, weddings, funerals, graduations, accomplishments and others. We must start taking care of each other.

I have worked diligently over the last several months to assert my ability to think of the needs of the people. I formed the work into departments to strengthen and create the conditions for healing, mentally, physically and spiritually. Our healing process must operate by a bond of spiritual will to help serve and move us forward. I have and will continue to take surveys and have meetings around the needs of the people. Although the needs vary from age to gender, the concerns are similar in many ways. A few Divisions have begun to assess and take action on getting the word out in their areas.

We are sending out public announcements in every state or country, where there is a UNIA-ACL Division operating to inform the public of the development of the BCNA. Since January 2010 the BCNA is up and operating actively in every Division. As a suggestion, start networking in your surrounding area now to develop a broader working relationship with Sisters and Brothers to help with different forms of communication.

~ Basiymah Muhammad Bey
4th Assistant President-General
Administrator, Universal Black Cross Nurses

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