African Redemption Fund
African Redemption...20th Century into the 21st Century


The Universal Negro Improvement Association – African Communities League hereafter, UNIA-ACL or U(you) NIA (purpose) – African Communities League, was organized first in 1914 in Jamaica by the Honorable Marcus Garvey and others. Marcus Garvey traveled to Harlem, New York in 1916 and later brought the Parent Body (Executive Council) to New York. Between 1917 and 1924 many businesses, programs, projects and corporations were established to assist and support the goals and objectives  of the UNIA-ACL of the world. Marcus Garvey himself traveled to 38 states in the usa spreading the message of the UNIA-ACL and the movement began to increase in membership all over the world. The Black Star Line Shipping Company, the Black Cross Nurses, the Motor Corps, the Negro World Newspaper, the Negro Factories Corporation, laundries, stores, youth divisions, as well as many other business enterprises were established and provided employment sources for members of the UNIA-ACL and the general community.

In 1920 over 25,000 Africans from all over the world came to New York for a month long International Convention of the UNIA-ACL. During the 1920’s it is estimated that membership grew between 2 and 6 million members worldwide. The focus was on protecting and uplifting Africans at home and abroad back to our traditional ancient glory and greatness.  

The establishment of the Red, Black and Green flag, and the Declaration of Rights of Negro Peoples of the World, ratified at the Convention in August 1920, was to demand and reclaim our human and just civil rights all over the world. The African Redemption Fund was also established in order to help provide a practical ways and means for Ujamaa (cooperative economics) and Ujima (collective work and responsibility). This fund was to provide a solid economic support system in building up towards a true Self-Reliant African Redemption for Africans. Members of the UNIA-ACL paid dues, and Divisions all over the world held programs, hosted projects and events to raise funds to help support their respective communities. A small percentage of dues and funds raised were sent in to the Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL for the administration and upkeep of the great association. Building Funds, a Charitable Fund, a Death Benefits Fund, a Convention Fund, and the African Redemption Fund were set up to provide support for the Parent Body, Divisions, Members, and the general global African masses.

U-(you) NIA (purpose) African Communities League (UNIA-ACL), a global race-first confraternity and interim government of the world had established a Blackprint for Africans at home and abroad to follow. For more then 92 years, the UNIA-ACL has continued to teach and demonstrate to the world that there is great power in our numbers, when we are unified and organized for a central cause. From 1914 early in the 20th century, to now early in the 21st century, we are still in need and calling for more functional unity, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics for self-determination ways and means. 

In a world gone drunk with ignorance, injustice, white supremacy, apathy, and systematic oppression, there is still a great need for our own African Redemption Fund. Back in 1924 the Honorable Isaiah Morter – a loyal UNIA-ACL member and millionaire – willed over 500 acres of land in Belize, Central America, to the UNIA-ACL Parent Body African Redemption Fund. At the 49th International Convention of the UNIA-ACL held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Convention approved  the re-building up of the African Redemption Fund.The constitution of the UNIA-ACL still reads in one  of its articles:

Section 1. The Parent Body shall be empowered to raise a universal fund from all Negroes (Africans) for the purpose of redemption of Africa. Every member of the Negro (African) race shall be asked to contribute to this fund a sum not less then $5.00 (Five Dollars). This contribution to the African Redemption Fund shall not be a tax on active members, but shall be a voluntary contribution by all Negroes (Africans).

Section 2. This fund shall be known as the “African Redemption Fund”.

Section 3. Each and every person who subscribes to this fund shall receive a certificate of loyalty to the cause “Africa”. The certificate shall bear the signatures of the President General, the High Chancellor and the Secretary General of the Universal Negro Improvement Association.

Section 4. The purpose of the African Redemption Fund shall be to create a working capitol for the organization and to advance the cause for the building up of Africa.

Every active dues-paying member is now therefore being asked to contribute $1.00 per day – a minimum of $365.00 per year – to the 21st century
African Redemption Fund. The Honorable Redman Battle, then President-General of the UNIA-ACL and 8th successor to the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey has clearly stated that it was going to take our collective African mind power, our spiritual creative genius, our own self-reliance and cooperative economics, in order to gain a more concrete control of our own destiny in the 21st century. With the collective work and responsibility of all old and new members of the UNIA-ACL making unselfish contributions into the 21st century African Redemption Fund of the UNIA-ACL, and of course with other ways and means of raising funds, our land development projects, building properties, aid to Africa and tangible assets, shall all be ameliorated and sustained.

Surely my Sisters and Brothers, if our ancestors and elders could do all they have done in the earlier 20th century, we can today in the early part of the 21st century, with all the additional resources we have gained, educational advancements, and with more knowledge of our traditional ancient ancestral contributions, it is time we all do our share. Those of you who are not dues paying members within the UNIA-ACL are also being called now to join the UNIA-ACL for U (you are the) NIA (purpose) - (of the) African Communities League, race-first, self-determined confraternity.

Once you join you also can contribute to the
African Redemption Fund... for freedom is not free. Our children and their children deserve to have much, much more then we have today as well as our ancestors who paved the way for us. The African Redemption Fund is so important today to all of us. Our ancestors are waiting and watching us and what we will do with the solid Black print they have left us to build on. Far too many of our African children are crying, starving, and dying all over the world. We can, we must, we will gain more control of our own future destiny. What will our grand, great grand and great, great grand children have to say about what we have left them or what we have failed to leave them? Now is the time to come more together in functional unity and practice practical and collective ways and means for our future. Marcus Garvey has returned in the Whirlwind with countless millions of our ancestors as our ancestral angels to guide us forward ever and backward never. We can no longer stand by and be content with the food of chickens; we all can and should do our part for you all are the U (in) NIA (purpose) of the African Communities League of the World. Up You Mighty Race We Can Accomplish What We Will!

I call on you all to be loyal to the cause of African Redemption. Make unselfish contributions to this fund. Join today as a dues-paying member, if you aren’t already. If you are, then work harder to practice more true self-reliance and self- determination under “
One God! One Aim! One Destiny”!

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