Charles Lloyd
Ambassador to West Africa
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Born July 13, 1947, Charles studied elementery education at D.C. Teachers College. He was President of Lloyd, Lloyd, Greene Co. Inc. ( Building 922), health food store, manufacturing center (African clothes, jewelry, leather goods, etc.), bookstore, wholistic community center. He is President of Lovejoy International, Ltd. (Lovejoy Jewelers), a retail, wholesale, and manufacturing jeweler.

He is President of District of Columbia Jewelers Guild. He has trained youth in jewelry repair, manufacturing, design, gem identification , basic business skills, entrepreneurship training, and general life skills.

In 1978, Charles began to travel, work, and study in several West African countries – Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Senagal. He lived and worked in Guinea and Sierra Leone for three of the last four years. He carried medical supplies that wewe donated to hospitals and clinics in these 2 countries. While in Sierra Leone, Charles hepled to established three (3) new UNIA-ACL Divisions. While there he worked on mining, fishing, agriculture, and retail projects.

He is collecting medical, school, farm vehichles, mining, jewelry, tools and other equipment and
shipped it to West Africa in January 2012. A 40-foot container was shipped to The Heart In Hand Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone in September 2011.

"Our Businesses Should Be Designed To Develop Communities And Not To Simply Enrich Individuals"