Tips for PUBG Mobile Version to have Ideal Gaming Experience


Well, most gamers opt for playing in a desktop or console. However, to play a match while travelling requires a portable device. Hence, the PUGB mobile app was introduced for all.

Moreover, similar to the desktop version, one can use player unknown battlegrounds hacks for mobile version too. These cheats are a sure shot way to enjoy the victory celebration at the end. pubg hack like aim assist, trigger hack, etc. are simple to use and become victorious in any situation. Check out for more information!

Setting up PUGB App

To set up this PUGB version one needs to the first login using their Twitter or Facebook handle. Also, there is a guest option available for people wanting to avoid linking the game to a social media account.

Moreover, one should ensure that when starting to play, no other app is running in mobile phone's background and have a stable internet connection for no lag especially when a PUGB hack is activated. Also, make sure to have headphones on for listening to surrounding for his/her own benefit.

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Getting clothes for the character 

The game’s character sports just underwear. One needs to acquire clothes from inventory. Some are offered for free when daily missions are accomplished by a player. To buy clothes, one needs to earn BP; having these, one can buy crates which provide different clothing pieces. Moreover, one shouldn’t wear flashy clothes which other players can spot from a distance easily. Adequate clothing along with a PUGB hack will make a player impossible to notice.

  • Changing controls according to need

This is one of the most vital parts, as a gamer has to be comfortable with control settings. One can either choose the default controls or customise for better user experience. Moreover, one can change size, location and icons of buttons as well.

These are the basic functions in PUBG lobby. Making these changes along with player unknown battlegrounds hacks will help one to perform better in the battle arena. Also, these are necessary, especially when going up against keyboard and mouse.

So, download the game for your Android mobile from Google Play Store and start trying to get your “chicken dinner”.

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